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  1. I’m kind of confused by why he should be visiting her. I mean… She’s a scholarship recipient, not a daughter or girlfriend. On top of that, the way they know each other is kind of classified.

  2. I honestly find them cuter this way. Not necessarily as a couple though, but as friends. 😀

  3. Actually NoRAd, they DID go out on (at least) one date. Didn’t really connect romantically, but each found someone to commiserate with about the annoyingly lovey-dovey antics of the story’s central couple. Besides, does a billionaire playboy really need an excuse to fly to Paris and meet up with someone he’s been with before? Celebrities are allowed to have friends.

  4. Yeah, NoRAd, they’re just friends. And they have that kind of friendship where they can dish on Abbey and Mark and don’t really have anyone else to talk to about them. Which might be safer to do in person than over the phone, when it comes to the secret identities

  5. panel 3, the stripes in his shirt disappeared!

  6. Obviously he -can- visit her, I still don’t see the part where he’s obligated to, or would think it’d be a good idea. Yes, I remembered that they went on one date, but I also remembered that they didn’t click romantically. I was just saying that as a genius billionaire superhero, I would think he’d be a bit more discrete. I also think Charlotte would be understanding of that, considering that she knows the secret identities of multiple superheroes now.

    tl;dr Tabloids would try to find out how Paul and Charlotte met.

  7. He buys books. She worked at a bookstore. They hit it off, went on a date, now they’re friends. All public domain knowledge. It really doesn’t need to be more involved than that to pass scrutiny.

    As for the visit, he’s ridiculously rich, he can do whatever he wants, up to and including a flight to Paris to visit a friend in need.

  8. They’ve evolved from a snark society to pals. Romantically unlikely now, but they fill an emotional need without complications.

  9. Heed the words of SilentSooYun.

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