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  1. Or she is controlled by the Queen who is secretly a supervillain

  2. It’s not really desperate until she starts making scones.

  3. “They’re not just bready; they’re quite curranty, too!” Talkie, the Talking Toaster, Red Dwarf t.v. series…

  4. Top Gear. The best car show on TV. Mostly because they do the things that everyone secretly wants to do in/with/to a car.

  5. Andorxor: The Queen isn’t a supervillain. She’s a werewolf (according to the Doctor Who episode “Tooth and Claw”; she was in fact played by the woman who played Mags the werewolf in a Sylvester McCoy story, “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”, in “Voyage of the Damned”), no doubt bodyguarded by Scottish Shaolin monks…

  6. I feel ya Mark. If I have to sit through Kitchen Nightmare again, I’ll go on a hunger strike.

  7. Would Mark’s family watch “My Hero”?

  8. Of course she isn’t a supervilain, if she was a supervilain she’d have a limey accen….. Oh!

  9. Well, let’s think about this logically. She rules a small island nation, she has her own private army of “guards”, people have to regularly and ritually implore God to save her, and she has a British accent. Oh, and she’s always well dressed for every occasion. Definitely a supervillain.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, your majesty! NO! Not the tower!

  10. Not the tower? But you’d be able to get in contact with UNIT!

  11. Not the tower? But you oould make contact with UNIT!

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