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  1. Heh, art ignorance. Though to be fair it was probably bought or put up by his housekeeper, he doesn’t seem like the type of person to get too much into the details about his own interior design, at least for his mansion.

  2. …and thus we see the definition of “too rich”!

  3. In his favor, he IS Darkblade, not just a rich playboy billionaire. Being a superhero clearly takes up a lot of his time and attention.

  4. Hahaha reminds me of Iron man the movie.
    tony “Is it expensive?”
    Pepper, “Yes”
    Tony: “Then i want it.”

  5. I think this is already part of his established character. I seem to remember him forgetting where he had his yacht docked in an earlier comic, while sitting in the waiting room with Mark.

  6. This is funny. In an earlier strip, when he and Mark were in a pub that he owns, Paul showed that he memorizes pop culture references well enough to always intentionally get 67% on trivia quizes. But he didn’t remember earlier whether or not his yacht was in the carribbean, and now he doesn’t even know what painting he has above his fireplace. He works so hard to remember everything else going in the world that he can’t pay attention to his own little corner!

  7. To be charitable to Mark he might have bought it based on its look rather than who it was by, but I agree the combination of playing up to his stereotype image and occupying his mind with more important matters covers it.

    Love her expression in the last panel.

  8. As long as his short-home-attention span is not going to bite him in the arse-nal, it’s cute.
    I mean his archenemies might sneak in and plant something like a Nude bomb, or Albino bomb, or just steal things from him.
    Heh white Darkblade is something else.

  9. What I love is that this is the kind of thing Batman would do as part of his ‘Brucie’ act….only Paul’s not kidding.

  10. I take it the painter was made up.

  11. A lot of things like that are made-up. Meh…

  12. If she knows it’s above his fireplace, then she’s ALREADY seen it. So why–?

  13. Yes, Storel, seeing something once in passing is the same as getting to study it in detail to reference for a senior thesis. Great point.

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