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  1. Well hello Mark….great pinup/splash page.

    Hm. So Abby’s reading Richard Castle….one of the tie-ins in our ‘verse, or stealth crossover, since Castle’s done a Real Superheroes ep?

  2. I’m thinking just an Easter egg. I’m pretty sure superpowers are not part of the Castle cannon.

  3. Wow, Abby has gotten quite a tan. Hope she used plenty of sunscreen.

  4. When you consider the fact that she got darker the night Mark told her his secret after just a couple of hours in Maui, they’ve obviously been spending a LOT of time indoors over the past week.

  5. Mark’s skin, being invulnerable of course, doesn’t tan.

  6. But if he’s a true espy, he can probably change his skin pigment just by willing it.

  7. “and if you had not changed the future, we would be here for a month”

  8. My personal canon regarding Richard Castle (which has come up before) is that he is a real author in the Love and Capes world, even though obviously they aren’t in the world of the Castle tv show.

  9. There are books written by Richard Castle in real life. I’ve seen them in my library and in Shoppers Drugmart

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