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  2. You’d think he’d know his wife better than that… and that the super hearing might’ve clued him in.

  3. Lol I’d be playing Abby’s part here. I will never stop loving the feel of a book and the smell of the pages as I turn them… That said, it’s really nice to get a bunch of free books on my Kindle through BookBub. XD

  4. Would you like toes with your jam? Foot-in-mouth, up to the thigh. Titania must have upstaged Crusader as some point. I bet she craving Italian again, or Chinese food. So is the “doghouse” the couch or the dark side of the moon?

  5. Books have an advantage over ereaders; the sad, sorry state of DRM, and the ability of a company to ‘pull’ your ability to access your library, by removing it when you go to sync again. (which most do automatically)

    As an author, I find that ability to be disgusting. Yes, there will be ebook theft/fraud, yes the perpetrators need to be punished somehow. But having the ability to take away someone’s book under mistaken belief the bookseller has that right, for whatever cause? NOT. COOL.

    Once legally purchased, an ebook should belong to the purchaser. Erasing their ebook version should be considered stealing their paper version. (again, Not Cool!) …I will admit that enforcing digital rights for the author is a very serious problem–I’ve already lost money off of pirated ebooks and scanned versions, and for me, every single penny counts, because I don’t get even a single dollar per paperback (of the normal-sized ones). I’m one of the lucky few who can -almost- make a living off of my writing, and I’m a solid midlister with 18+ books out (It’ll be 19 on the 29th). I believe that my readers should own any version they legally legitimately buy, and own it in a way that only they can destroy it without legal repercussions. I know that’s hard to regulate, but seriously, there have been people whose accounts were denied to them under mistaken pretences. Hundreds of books, denied.

    That’s not right…but until we can wade through the legal BS…the only way to KEEP a book is to keep a physical copy of said book. (Or find a way to store it on your computer in a section where it never gets sync’d, but not all ereaders can be manipulated that way.)

    So…even though I get over two dollars an ebook, I’m kinda leaning Abby’s direction on this.

  6. I have an e-reader…but I still prefer REAL books. For one things, they don’t need recharging, and it’s easier to flip back to a passage I like.

  7. Why do I keep hearing Brian Doyle-Murray’s voice when I read Mark’s Dad’s lines? –I still think LNC should be done as an animated show (like “The Tick,” only on prime time where it really belonged); there’s a new show on YTV up here in Canada called “The Thundermans” that is a really crappy live-action cross between “The Incredibles” and “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” Watch the once to understand how dire my warning is…

  8. Buying large print books because of your eyesight is really not a feasible option for the physical format. >_>
    Putting aside that it is difficult to get most books in large print, the book is substantially more expensive with the inclusion of the larger size, meaning your spending more than the average person due to your physical impairment.

    With digital on the other hand, customization options make it possible to purchase a book for the same low prince and make the size as large as you want without extra cost.
    Its one of the things that makes digital so tempting despite the risk of your book being ceased.

  9. It seems Mark forgot one of the subtleties of interacting with women, never say something that is considered unfavorable to a woman in front of her.

  10. I’ll be honest, the fact that it’s cheaper than print is the main reason that I like ebooks. Physical books are nice, but they’re expensive and bulkier than a Kindle and the shop is further away and offers less choice. I’m afraid that customer laziness will destroy the bookshop.

  11. Jerden, it already did. I miss Borders…

    Lady, I agree that the ability to pull the book is wrong.

    I personally only download the books that are being given away for free. There are a lot of them. Currently I have no money with which to buy books – and my paperback addiction is very strong. My friends and family KNOW not to let me near a bookstore. “Seriously, you can’t go in there. We’ll never leave!” is what I hear whenever I start staring in the direction of the Barnes & Noble when we’re on the road. But again, I really prefer physical books because I like to actually feel the pages and smell the paper. I think the real thing about this is, yes, e-readers are killing the bookstore. Thus, Abby’s business is in jeopardy. So Mark REALLY should know better.

  12. Mark’s problem is that, as a modern superhero, he’s something of a futurist. The Liberty League has a space station with “solid state” artificial gravity, for gas pains’ sake! For him, having books in bulk is simply impractical, he doesn’t see the real thing the way Abby and the rest of us can.

    Thom: if you decide to upgrade the space station (it looks like a creation of Starbuck’s…and I don’t mean Dirk Benedict or Katee Sackhoff ;)- ), might I suggest adding holodeck-like offices (you already have that training room thingie Abby rehearsed “Twelfth Night” in) for the members? They would finally have the dream personal HQs/ Fortresses of Solitudes/Batcaves they always wanted, but money and practicality put the kibosh on. I imagine Blurstreak as having an inventor’s workshop with the cosmic treadmill in the background…heeheehee…

  13. Yet Abby got one for Mark herself years earlier but apparently forgot about it.

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