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  1. “Grats” to those who called it, Mrs. O’ Lonergan is in charge of all the “play boy” stuff x:

  2. He, Mrs. O’Lonergan prefers Charlotte to the harlot.

  3. One of these days I really need to have a snickerdoodle

  4. Does that means that Paul spends very little time at home?
    Then again, we didn’t see Bruce Wayne hang around his house much, until he hit 90 or so.
    And even then he mostly shuffled.

  5. Return of the much liked minor character! Yay! She was funny.

  6. Cookies at a super hero’s house while looking at his art collection… could make for a fun date.

  7. Remember that Paul is not Bruce (remember the bit in the novelization of “Kingdom Come” where it was revealed he believed “Citizen Kane” to be an hilarious comedy?); the former actually has a life.

  8. They’re especially good when Mrs. O’ has them ready right from the oven. (If you’ve never experienced that, you’re definitely missing out.)

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