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  1. Oh I have sooo been there. And I can confirm that they do sew the hair to the packaging so that it looks “just so”. Being a dad with a young daughter can be challenging at times 😉 *hehe*

  2. I sometimes think that all the packing is just a way to make adults look stupid to the kids.

  3. I love your comic……Will there be some new issues sometime? I’m missing my weekly dose….

  4. New issues will come out early next year from IDW.

  5. Whoops! I just noticed that the online strip stopped updating since I left for San Diego. I’m back now, and will get new strips up by the end of the week. (I thought you were referring to my print version.)

  6. I gotta admit, maybe it’s just because I’m never asked to open the cousins’ gifts at the family Christmas, or maybe it’s because as a boy all my toys came with mechanical bits or toy cars wrapped to the packaging, but those have never been a problem for me. Are girls’ dolls really that complicated and painful to get out?

  7. @Withdrawn- Yes. As a purchaser of MLP merchandise I can confirm this.

  8. I think the trick is to flip the backing over and undo (or cut) the ties from there.

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