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  1. Well, it could be worse. The Schreckengost exhibit could get attacked by a supervillain…

  2. @NoRAd:
    The persons most affected by supervillainy are (in that order):
    Archoelogists/Museum people.

    That includes all kindanppings, sudden radiation accidents, rising dead, stolen property and the like.

  3. What about co-workers and love interests of superheroes? They’re pretty affected.

  4. Christopher, you are absolutely right. I can’t tell you how many ancient, unspeakable evils have been unleashed by doing nothing more than innocently cracking open a crypt that’s sealed with the words “Do not unseal upon pain of the destruction of all that is”, or something like that.

  5. NoRAd and Christopher, from that point of view it follows that more archeologists and museum curators should be ‘Supers’. But besides the Hawkpersons, who is there?

  6. NoRAd…did you know that “Shrecken” means “to frighten”? (Shreckengost means “frightener of guests”). She doesn’t have to have a supervillain attack. She’s working on an exhibit of a supervillain’s art collection.

  7. Christopher: I take it you heard the same comment made about Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory.” Mind you, he’s a theoretical physicist, so how could he be in a lab accident? –Oh, yeah. Leonard. Wolowitz. Possibly Raj. Amy. The Elmer Fudd-sounding guy. Penny at the bar (but that was a controlled experiment)…

    Charlotte might as well give up with her mom; “the work is its own reward” doesn’t seem to register on some people, especially parents who want you to eventually move out. Mind you, I caught a peek at C’s career future; the nagging from then on will be unrelated to this. Perhaps Cyber Lord will reform and try to win C back? That’d do it…

  8. @Charlie Spencer: Does Indiana Jones count? 🙂

  9. The original Blue Beetle was a archelogist

  10. I was watching the old “Superman” serial last night, and I realized that Mark mainly resembles George Reeves (on steroids)…but has the hair and poses of Kirk Alyn.

    And the cover of a certain “What to Expect” issue (it involves…rocketry) displayed Mark in a Curt Swan-type pose.

    Getting off subject: given their fanboyishness, do Mark and Paul attend comics conventions? And do they…cosplay (as other heroes…heeheehee)? I ask because there’s supposedly going to be a Comicon (or comics con) here on Vancouver Oct. 31 to Nov. 1 (Hallowe’en and what would have been my parents’ 71st anniversary). I say “supposedly” because there hasn’t been much talk about it and no one tells me anything…

  11. What I should have added to the above: is there any chance you will be attending said con? Just wondering.

  12. K. Alan, conventions have been discussed in the recent past. I don’t remember the details, but I’m pretty sure he went to them until he started being fodder for them. IE – people cosplaying him or creating fanfiction or fanart or – gods forbid – The Crusader on Ice.

  13. Saeko: I stand corrected. BUt it might be fun to have someone read said fanfic to the guys (that thing of Darkblade hugging Crusader must have inspired a good number of air-punches among their devotees)…and why hasn’t a fan produced that scene from “Crusader on Ice” for YouTube?

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