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  1. Why doesn’t she just fly higher to see where to fly to?

  2. How many bars do you get in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

  3. She’s not mid-ocean, she’s over France somewhere. See the city glows?

    Although I do hope she can cover the roaming fees and that her phone is compatible with European standards…

  4. The frikkin’ moon is visible up there!
    Keep it on one side when you leave until you get across and nav north or south from there. Jeez!
    I thought only male capes got lost.

  5. To be fair, anybody can make a mistake. It’s only human.

  6. First star to the right, straight on ’till morning?

  7. Harder to get lost looking for Paris at night, the whole country is a goddamn target with the capital at the bullseye. Now if you were looking for some random provincial city… well. Although you”d probably want to take a compass heading striking off across the North Atlantic if you didn’t want to end up in Morocco or the Azores instead of France.

  8. She should get a GPS app for her cell phone.

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