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  1. And here I was thinking that Paul had used time travel to his benefit at the wedding. Guess not. 😀

  2. i think there’s something in the superhero by-laws that says you can only go it to keep the world out of harm, not for personal reasons x:

  3. *Snicker* I love the byplay between these two… This entire story feels so real because all the commentary is so… snarky. Exactly how everyone I know and love all talks to each other.

  4. They used time travel to attend the wedding. Letting their future selves fight crime for them. And I doubt future Amazonia wouldn’t keep an eye on future Paul preventing from backpedalling to Charlotte.

  5. Given that time travel has come to imply travelling to alternate past realities anyhoo, Paul could very well have done both of them (I’m a bad, bad man…)

  6. The fun part here is the tension between the two.

  7. In retrospect. Charlotte and Paul had given each other a chance and it just didn’t fly. Paul is smart enough to realize that there is no point in forcing a relationship neither truly wants.

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