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  1. Superman needs to do this more often. Shirtless scene!

  2. What could be better than flying through space in a pair of swim trunks?

  3. No swim trunks can take that kind of sun.

    Let’s just say I doubt he has any tan lines.

  4. I can hear it already… “Mark why is your tan everywhere? Were you sunbathing in nude while i wasn’t looking?”
    “No honey it’s just that my swim trunks, albeit indestructible, let all that UV-rays right through.”

  5. side not; anybody notice the green rocks? He’s totally at Krypton’s sun (or the equivalent). I really don’t know how that would work, but whatever.

  6. Uh, it’s part of the comic. Artistic license. Not Krypton’s sun, but ours. (Prove to us there aren’t any green rocks floating in space around our sun, please…? Oh, wait. That would be really difficult, wouldn’t it? ‘Scuse me.)

  7. Me: “Oh, does the Sun give you your superpowers, Mark?”
    Mark: “No, just a tan.”
    Me: “Oh, right.”

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