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  1. nice

  2. That’s great! We’ve seen from a couple previous comics that Darkblade has a habit of intimidating thugs by hanging them in the air from tall buildings, but Mrs. O’Lonergan can put this vigilante and billionaire playboy in his place!

  3. That’s the price you have to pay, Darkblade, if you want to keep looking good in spandex.

  4. His ‘Creature of the Night’ works better with the cape and mask, than without.

  5. I think that Alfred the Butler would heartily approve of Mrs O.


  6. How does she know DB didn’t take the latte into account?

    What’s so bad about occasional lattes (for some reason, I never cottoned to hot drinks, but stuff like iced coffee…)? DB comes home with regular caffeine-breath all the time…

  7. One gets the feeling Mrs. O’Lonergan (A) sees Charlotte as better girlfriend material (despite their lack of romantic chemistry) for Paul than Zoe (there was that whole “trollop” comment she made a while back) or (B) a potential member of the priest/priestess sect she belongs to.

    Also, what happened to the snickerdoodles?

  8. I think you meant to say “prescribed” in the last panel? Proscribed means pretty much the opposite.

  9. Odd. Paul didn’t have anything to drink in Paris.

  10. No, not while we could watch, he didn’t. Of course, that doesn’t exclude what he could’ve had while we couldn’t watch.

    …And a Snickerdoodle Is a Kind of Cookie. It Is a Particular Name for a Particular Sort of Cookie. (Plenty of cookbooks will help to make that clear.)

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