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  1. And now its

    Husband 1
    Wife 1


  2. Given that the Collected Jane Austen (at least in this time line) is only 6 short novels plus fragments, it shouldn’t take him long.

  3. I’m far more worried about the e-book itself, i doubt that in this world Superhero Merchandise is implemented already. I mean c’mon, he can read (ordinary) book at super-speed, but e-book is a rather fragile device isn’t it? Imagine deep finger-track marks on the surface of the screen, glitched software – all from super-speed-reading. =?

  4. Abby’s probably prepared for that; double or nothing that the e-book is reinforced with industrial steel.

  5. She got the ebook reader on special order from Paul.

  6. The tablet’s durability won’t be a problem. Its processing power, on the other hand? No way that thing can turn pages as quickly as Mark finishes them.

  7. Do not diss Miss Austen, Mark.

  8. Thou knowest not the depths which thou mightest risk to scorn, for to snub our dear Miss Austen, dear sir…. 😀

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