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  1. Oh MAN, Thom, I’m sorry, but my brain automatically went dirty places with the name Master Stroke… Please, show a shot of him at some point so I can get a visual to dispel the one I just made up?

  2. I know this is a comic series about Abby and Mark/Crusader…but I think we’re all falling in love with the secondary characters…so I have to second Saeko’s request. Let’s see some more of Darkblade’s fights, and Windstar’s, and…!

  3. Is Master Stroke one of those self-defeating villains?

    The kind that always ‘paints himself into a corner’?

    Sorry, sorry.. leaving now…


  4. Remember, it’s “Master Stroke”; not the other way around…

  5. something on this page made me think of what the Riddler once said:
    “what time is it when Batman finds your hideout?”
    “time to get a new hideout.”

  6. You think “Master Stroke” is bad? I was once tempted to name a speedster character “Licketysplit”…

  7. They’re showing that tension again. Heh.

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