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  1. O.O

  2. Haha, and not a lie spoken once 😛

  3. And this is why EVERYONE should have their own private ability to fly.

    Avoids embarrassment.

  4. … or just carry around your own superhero outfit, the kinkier looking the better 🙂

  5. Sometimes honesty IS the best policy…

  6. That is frikkin hilarious. XD

  7. hee hee heee….

  8. I like that the guard doesn’t want to hear the lurid details.

  9. He’s probably heard it all and then some.

  10. Yeah, it’s probably a popular vacation spot.

  11. Imagine what his friend Darkblade is going through, i mean – is there any other afro superhero out there?
    “Sir is that a grappling hook gun in your luggage? What’s in these glass spheres? Looks like gas, do you have a permit for that? Is that a kevlar underwear?”

  12. Smooth, very smooth.

  13. … Seems legit.

  14. LOL Been in too many airports…searched too many times…

  15. @Walker: Fortunately for him, he’s a billionaire and has a private jet and stuff.

  16. Glass spheres…and gas? Wow, Paul must really pack interesting stuff. (Downright Freudian, if you ask me.) 😀

  17. lol I forgot about this. Oh gosh. *claps laughing, then coughs* Well done, good sir.

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