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  1. I was right about the “he” language a while back. Either that, or Mark is now in BIG trouble (or both), for spilling the beans about something Abby didn’t know for certain. Also, Mark, are you sure this is the ONLY child that you and Abby will ever have? Even if this one is a son, the next could still be a daughter. It’s also possible for Charlotte to do all those things for Mark and Abby’s son… and could lead to some interesting story lines.

  2. You left out the word ‘to’ in panel 3

  3. I read it as generic ribbing, as Both women are using female Pronouns, rather than letting the (tom) cat out of the bag.

  4. Actually, it’s still too early to know, even for magnetic resonance imaging. You have to do a nuclear DNA sampling to determine if the zygote has XX or XY chromosomes…which is something which can disrupt the zygote’s progress (not a high chance, but still)… Gender is actually not identifiable until around the…3rd or 4th month? Somewhere in there. And it hasn’t been 3 or 4 months; more like 1-2. Mark’s just being a typical impending father, wishing for a son. Abby’s just being a typical impending mother, wishing for a daughter. Her sister is being a typical aunty-to-be, wishing for a niece…

  5. We didn’t see any blue in her aura,which means its a girl or too early to know even by magic.

  6. Doc Karma should know whether it will be a boy or a girl. His female counterpart said that the female Crusader in her “reverse” universe was already a mother. (In addition to being gender-reversed, that universe must also be running a bit ahead.) So whether Marquette Spencer in that universe had a boy or a girl, Abby should be having the opposite. But apparently the two Doctors Karma didn’t tell Mark and Abby which it is.

  7. Thank you very much, Ladyofthemasque, for that information! Yes, it does make more sense that way.

  8. “Mark i’ve forgot to tell you you’ll have twins of different gender, Ta-ta!”

  9. I think he’s just assuming its a boy, because Abby is assuming the baby will be a boy, and this way they’ll both be prepared.

  10. Paul, that logic itself probably close to accurate, but considering that the timelines run about the same, shouldn’t that child that Abby’s would be mirroring already have been born? I don’t think that the “opposite because opposite’ theory is necessarily right in this case because the timelines aren’t matching up.

    Also, I’m not exactly sure about this, but I heard that each child that is conceived will be formed differently based on timing. For example, assume Abby got pregnant on April 1st. That child would have different chromosomes to rely on for looks and sex than one that was conceived on April 2nd. Blonde or brown hair, blue or brown eyes, guy or girl.

  11. I’m, agreeing with Walker.
    I have no doubt it’s twins, just to annoy them both.

  12. Charlotte’s probably yanking Abby’s chain a little; still, aunts and uncles are generally the “fun” authority figures. Imagine what Paul’s going to be like as a “dutch uncle”…and then cringe at the thought of “Uncle Quincy.”

  13. I don’t think we can assume that the other world is universally gender swapped, just because two characters so far are.

    Also, Saeko, you are right. It would be the same egg, so the mother would be providing the same genetic code, but it would be a completely different sperm, so the father’s genetic code would be different.

    Finally, I don’t think it’s twins, because Karma only saw two sparks of life (one for Abby and one for the child). Although theoretically, if it’s identical twins, the egg might not have split in two yet. But that precludes separate sexes for the children, since they’re identical.

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