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  1. I’m perplex,
    with the ex
    and the next
    who’ll be vexed?

  2. *pops enough popcorn for Mrs. O’Lonergan to enjoy, too*

  3. This will be a show. an ex and current girlfriend in a face-off~

  4. “May the Farce be with you, always.”

  5. With any luck, the next scene will involve a Benny Hill-style chase scene!

  6. Am i the only curious about who Brother Cillian is who would be a perfect addition to the Order?

  7. My bad, some words got left out – i meant “who Brother Cillian is and who would be a perfect addition to the Order?”

  8. Sol i’m thinking a mage of sorts. Because what good order of non-superpowered individuals training Grim Streakers of the Night, wouldn’t want to have a mage.

    edit: Stalkers, i was going to say Stalkers.

  9. Cookie Ogre, complete with saxophone.

  10. *rings the fight bell*

  11. Love that British comedy.

  12. I noticed in the trivia column that you got “unobtainium” from “Avatar.” James Cameron got it from an old science joke about the made-up components making theoretically possible but practically unlikely scientific marvels (i.e., dilithium crystals) a reality in SF.

    Mind you, I believe there is something to paranormal phenomena; where there’s smoke, there’s SOME kind of chemical reaction going on. I’m not too fond of the people behind CSICOP/CSI; there’s a tendency in a number of them to be a bit mean-spirited, and for others to, like televangelists, smile too damn much…

  13. What’s wrong with Grim Streakers of the Night? So long as it’s more Jesse Chambers than Wally West (where the hell IS he in the New 52??)…:)-

  14. It’s funny how she lights up when she thinks it’s Abby, then does a 180 when she learns that it’s Charlotte. XD

  15. “Brother Cillian.” A reference to Cillian Murphy, who played the Scarecrow in “Batman Begins”? Are they all going to be named after actors from Batman movies and TV?

    I’m looking forward to Sisters Julie and Halle…

  16. Clarifying on my remark about dilithium crystals: THEY are the unobtainium that, of course, make warp drive a practical reality.

    Antimatter…at least in the amounts apparently used in Star Trek…is sort of an unobtainium as well.

  17. “Unobtanium” is an old joke for any unobtainable material.

    There are many similar word-play jokes… for example, there is a saying “The only infallible instrument in medicine is the retrospectiscope.” In other words, a doctor (or anyone, really) will always make mistakes that in retrospect can be understood… in other, other words nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

  18. I underestimated just how much tension there was going to be. I’m glad this is still a little surprising at times.

  19. Funny, right after I mention that he avoids sitcom cliches, we hit a sitcom cliche. Gonna be interesting to see his take on it.

  20. Those Tennyson girls are just a menace….

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