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  1. I’m guessing the Godfather would be Paul – won’t Zoe feel a little left out?

  2. Definitely Paul. And it’s a sneaky way to slip Zoe in there as a bonus Godmom.

  3. And +1 to Syncline for having the right idea.

  4. If they DO tap Paul to be the godfather, they’ll have to be careful with the ceremony if they have one. I don’t think they’ve established a solid enough connection between their civilian identities. Let’s hope Darkblade’s disguise skills aren’t too rusty!

    However, it HAS been established that Abby and Zoe are friends…

    So, two godmoms? With Paul as a bonus godfather? Not sure if that’s traditionally feasible or not, but it would be progressive!

  5. True, she’s no Fairy Godmother…but Zoe as a Superheroine Godmother would be just as awesome! …Except traditionally, godmothers and godfathers are those who oversee the child’s spiritual growth, as well as often being considered worthy of being the adoptive parents should anything happen to the original set. Zoe’s not from Earth, so I’m not sure what her theological/spiritual background might entail.

    Yes, we’re discussing your characters’ philosophical/cultural roots.

  6. Well, Ladyofthemasque, I think I recall some indications that Abby and Mark are Catholic. I am very confident that they are at least Christian, based on the cross I remember seeing hanging up in their home. That said, I do not remember any particular dialogue indicating that religion was a particularly big deal for either of them, so they may or may not be fine with their child(ren) receiving a diverse theological upbringing. 🙂

  7. Darkblade’s basically Batman, right? He’s got to be a master of disguise!

  8. Disney?? “My Neighbour Totoro” or nothin’!

    And if the kid does develop superpowers (hopefully not at a Jack-Jack level), Char may have to borrow one of Steelworker’s suits…

  9. Well, Disney did negotiate North American distribution rights for Studio Ghibli’s works, so Totoro is kinda-sorta a Disney film. John Lasseter is a big fan of Miyazaki, after all. Loved seeing that iconic grin in Bonnie’s room in Toy Story 3.

  10. Considering how Paul turned down being Mark’s best man at his wedding, I can’t imagine him agreeing to be the baby’s Godfather. Best man duties would have just required him to show up at one event. But Godparent duties means aside from being a central focus of the Christening, you’ll usually expected to be playing some sort of important role in the Baby’s life.

    Not to mention, in many situations, Godparents are often considered to take in a child should something happen to the parents and in some cases, this is put into the Last Will and Testimony of the parents.

    Paul can’t do that publicly. It would raise too many questions as to why the rich playboy was suddenly close enough friends to two “regular people” that he would agree to be a religious and moral teacher of their child and also possible future caretaker. Even if he wore a disguise would end up resulting in him having to create an elaborate additional identity, all for the sake of the title of Godparent.

    I imagine that once again, Paul has to turn down the request if they do ask to protect his secret identity. But that he’ll play an unofficial important role in the baby’s life, regardless.

  11. Well if Paul is out aren’t we just left with a choice of either Abby’s brother or (sorry lost his name) the guy she has running the till at the shop when she is busy?

  12. Paul’s being friends with two “normally-incomed” persons: I’m sure something could be arranged in the six-plus months prior to the blessed event.

    Still, one wonders how the kid will see “Uncle Paul”: will stories of his childhood conjure up a picture of L’il Paul as “Richie Rich,” just as the present version’s fortune brings up images of Uncle $crooge “swimming” in his vault–? ;)-

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