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  1. Eric, that link lead to the main page…

  2. I got “Maxim Buys a Hat”.

  3. I got ‘Maxim’ too. That surprised me a bit, since I suspected Eric was going for the ‘Cinderella’ spoof.

  4. I’m thinking of the episode from “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon got drunk and humiliated himself at an award ceremony, and the others had it all queued up on YouTube for him to see the next morning. And then there was the time that Sheldon and Leonard got into a fight at a presentation, and Howard put the video up. But then Howard got slammed when his bachelor party was posted. YouTube isn’t kind to anyone.

  5. On the bright side, ‘Maxim Buys a Hat’ IS a truly awesome story… It’s my favorite piece of Girl Genius to date.

  6. Given Paul’s “Paris Hilton by way of Jude Law” youth, you’d think there’d have been at least one paternity suit. What would Zoe have thought of THAT?

    Also given the “Brangelina”-ishness of their relationship, is it possible that they may start a family (way, way down the line) by adoption? It’d make a great case for the practice, especially if they were “older” children (three of my nephews were adopted; their biological parents were, at best…neglectful).

    Sharing love of Mr. Foglio’s work; perhaps he could be persuaded to do “alternative covers” for the next Love and Capes series? (Just a thought)

  7. He probably linked to Maxim buys a hat because of how “Old Man Death” went on about how he rode with the jaegers in his wilder days

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