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  1. D’uh!

  2. Wow… That seems really insensitive of Abby. Seems out of character for her.

  3. I don’t really get that. Superspeed means it’s boring, but you’re done with it much faster than a mundane. Like I don’t mind dusting one piece of furniture for ten minutes, but hate doing the whole house for three hours. Mark should have time to get that bored with it.

  4. Comicschik, usually in comics people who move at super speed also speed up their perceptions, this way they can see what they are doing. What this means is that, to them, everything else slows down while they move at normal speed. So someone who can do in 2 minutes what others take 3 hours still experiences doing it for 3 hours regardless of the time it actually took. I am assuming that is how it is for Mark.

  5. HWalsh. Huh. That one old Marvel book where Quicksilver complains that doing stuff at normal speed drags on and on and on for him, that one Flash where Wally unpacks and decorates the new apartment in six seconds and Linda complains she wanted to do it together. I’ve seen exactly the opposite.

  6. I guess the convenience of super-speed is still secondary to plot requirements.

  7. Most speedsters time sense adjust to them moving super speeds. So if it is a 12 hour task, it still seems like 12 hours while they do it in 3 seconds. Some speedsters time senses don’t slow down all the way, so to them, “normal time” is very long and boring. Just depends on what’s more convenient for the writers at the time.

  8. comicschik – It depends on the speedster, also in the case of Wally, he didn’t say it didn’t drag on for him he just was willing to do it. Also the speed force, what Wally, Barry, and Bart use is not just super speed it is something completely different.

  9. Will there be revisions later?

  10. (And by “revisions”, I mean, will there be a test on all that?)

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