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  1. That’s hilarious.

  2. Quincy *would* be checking his texts at work.

  3. Hm, sister’s due any day, who knows what might be happening, why would anyone check their messages at a time like that?
    This wasn’t Quincy playing Crap Juggler Saga at work or sexting his rent a date, it’s HIS PREGNANT SISTER that he’s worrying about. Not much douchey behavior there, frankly.
    It’s a damn shame he’s probably gonna lose his job over it.

  4. Nah, all he has to do is quickly say on air, “Apologies, fans, for the cheer, but that was because I just got the blessed news my sister is going to make me an uncle! What’s happened here in Seattle, however, is no cause for cheering, so my apologies to all Deco City fans everywhere.”

    …If he’s that smooth.

  5. Syncline: Quincy is just finding out about his sister’s pregnancy.

  6. Synchline: If thats true,we know the superpower of the baby.Invisibility.

  7. The real question here is whether that untimely shout is what caused the batter to miss.

  8. The Architects? Any team with a name like that deserves to be out of the race by late July.

    Synchline, he can’t be worried about his pregnant sister, since he didn’t know she was incubating until he received the text. Oh, and she isn’t due for months.

  9. I think Quincy is finally learning that there are more important things in this life than sports and ego. Admittedly, part of that is timing…

  10. Ladyofthemasque: He’ll get it out, but smooth? Really? This is Quincy we’re talking about, not even the one played by Jack Klugman.

  11. Hatman – It was a called strike, meaning the batter didn’t even swing. So no worries there.

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