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  1. I wonder if Charlotte is going to defuse the situation, try to and fail, or fan the flames…

    Wild guess, I say she tries to explain, and fails.

  2. Aaaannnndd…. there it is.

  3. Uhoh… Red Alert! Red Alert! Back off… back offf… hit the emergency exit!

  4. It’s not as if it was a secret. It was in the papers and everything.

  5. Really Amazonia? Your going to get pissed about Exes? Wow if Abby could see you now.

    She’d probably laugh.

  6. Love Char’s expression in that last panel.

    I can just hear the guy from Speed talking to her:

    “So… You are being faced down by an angry Amazonian super woman who is displaying territorial behavior regarding her current boyfriend… You were just caught alone with him, in his house, after he picked you up, from France… What… Do… You… Do?”

  7. Well, having read one issue (NOT THAT I DIDN”T WANT TO READ MORE! I’M JUST POOR!) of “What to Expect,” I know Charlotte is still alive with no visible scars. I predict female bonding of the heterosexual variety, no doubt fuelled by many, many glasses of wine followed by helpless laughter (from shared stories) when Paul gets back (no pointing when laughing, though; that’s just mean).

    If it’s alright, I’d like to briefly(well, by my standards) discuss what I assume is still the Maris Crane of your comic: Mermantis. If he is ever seen in the book, might I suggest a more muscular version of the drawing in Vol. 1 (stilll poor; got it at a clearance store), a sort of male Lori Lemaris; you know, Fabio from the waist up and wholly mackerel from the waist down (apologize? Why?).

    Mind you, his name makes me think of a certain insect whose females (literally) eat their mates. Perhaps his name is actually MermanTUS, but people keep mispronouncing it. That, or he puts on a costume that is a stylized version of an arthropod, a giant prawn perhaps (of the game of life…again, why do I have to apologize?)

  8. @HWalsh: Shoot the hostage.

  9. Merman + Atlantis = Mermantis
    And we know (well, assume) he’s humanoid at least part of the time, otherwise he’d have a difficult time getting around in his own city. Either that or he’s built entirely different from the other Atlanteans and just floats everywhere.

  10. Wow, response to my email by another emailer!

    Yes, I know it’s Merman + Altantis=Mermantis, it’s just that it can and (for me) does also connote MerMANTIS.

    His mobility inside the city may be due to an ability shared by “Madison” from “Splash” and the aforementioned Lori Lemars (the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths version): in a non-watery environment, he becomes completely humanoid (perhaps he wears a special belt that can double as a loincloth in his “dry state”-and not a large one. Sue me, I’m eeevvviiillll…)

  11. Can’t believe I misspelled “Lemaris.” Sorry.

  12. The ‘not very large loincloth” needed more explaining: out in the water, it’s COOOOOLLLLLDDD…

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