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  1. It’s still that stage of the marriage where the guy is happy to be manipulated. But can’t he hear her eyelids clapping together?

  2. Sneaky, cheeky devil!

  3. Doesn’t he have super senses? Wouldn’t he be able to tell if someone were actually sleeping?

  4. Playing possum now are we? heheheee…

  5. That didn’t take long. New husbands need to learn to do these Honey Do’s’ poorly, so she’ll quit asking!

  6. …and so, the Crusader was outwitted yet again, by his arch-nemesis, Naughtygirl…

  7. You should know by now that every wife deserves to be treated like a queen, but not a spoiled noble, believe it or not there is a distinction.

  8. @ Ben

    I definitely agree with this. Sadly not every girl out there realizes the distinction…

  9. @donaq
    Yes he can… from outside of the building even, never mind 4 feet away. He was able to tell her family was asleep when he visited her at their house the night before their wedding.

  10. @ben An excellent distinction; there are responsibilities that come with royalty as well as rights (if one is to be a true noble).

  11. I’m not sure if I should find this adorable or aggravating.

  12. You’re single…?

  13. Maybe I’m naive, but I choose to interpret it that she actually fell asleep, but then something (supersonic scratching of pen on paper perhaps) woke her up, she cracked a lid and pretended to continue sleeping to let him finish. Because he notices when she wakes up, which suggests that he knew she was really sleeping at first.

    *Observes dense block of text above*

    I’m over-thinking this great little comic, aren’t I? Yep. Yes I am.

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