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  1. About now would be the right time to put out the ember’s that are smoldering 😀

  2. Hey neat! I pretty much called it.

  3. So did Mrs. O’Lonergan.
    Zoe is just looking for something to be upset about. Possessive much?

  4. For some reason I’m recalling a “JLU” episode where the Flash is saying “I can’t believe I’M the mature one.” Somehow I think Charlotte’s going to calm Zoe down…unless Mrs. O”Lonergan decides to invent the “margarita kegger.”

  5. He’s not paying for Zoe’s education. He’s paying for a LOT of people’s educations by providing capital into a scholarship fund. So it’s either entirely de-personalized, or he’s compounding the problem by the sheer number of recipients of his largesse.

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