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  1. you skipped one

  2. Geez, dad. Stop prevaricating around the bush already. Tell us how you really feel!

  3. Classic Dad – cuts right to the point, no sugarcoating.

  4. I think you missed a comic. This one says #827, 7/30 says #825, where’s #826?

  5. yep because I think the missing comic contains the missing part of this conversation where we find out how mark feels

  6. I think we’ve seen enough of Mark’s worrying since Abby told her of her pregnancy to get a handle on what Mr. Spencer’s talking about.

    It’s probably nothing HE didn’t hear the first time he became an expectant father.

  7. There might be a missing page, I dunno.
    The funny thing is that I’ve had this exact conversation, and it started EXACTLY like this with no preamble.

    In Mark’s defense, he isn’t just a nervous new father. His altered genetics has put Abby and their child(ren) in tremendous danger and he knows it. He’s depending on magic to protect her, and it isn’t something he understands of automatically has faith in. You stack all that on the dangers of a normal pregnancy and anyone sane gets worried.
    On top of this Mark’s a self-sacrificing Good Guy, so he’s stereotypically suffering in silence, which I imagine is not a new thing for him, given that we have seen him do it before just a few days ago (when he didn’t tell Abby to drop dead back when she went completely bananas earlier about college and his ability to tank care of his own family).

  8. Also, if you’re having problems with that link, reload the page. The right strip should appear.

  9. Thom, you know you got strip 828 BEFORE 825 (or 825A, as you prefer), 827 and the (technically non-existent yet) 826, no?

    EVERYTHING is out of whack and confusing at the moment now, check it out….

  10. Okay, I keep messing with this trying to get it right. I think it’s correct now, but please click RELOAD before letting me know if it’s wrong.

  11. It still doesn’t seem to be working.

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