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  1. This makes me want to start watching EastEnders…

  2. If you start now, you might finish catching up some time around 2015.

  3. Personally, I can barely stand to watch “Coronation Street.”

    At least Charlotte’s off the hook re: physical injuries from the woman who once boasted that, if she were to get in a real fight with Abby, she’d squish the blonde like a grape.

    Want to lay odds on what Zoe’s going to (want to, I’m not CRUEL)squish like a grape?;)-

  4. The anger isn’t over the fact that Paul never told Zoe that Charlotte hit on him at the wedding, and he turned her down for Zoe. The anger is coming from the fact that Paul told Charlotte (or probably Mark, who then told Abby, who then told Charlotte) that Paul and Zoe hooked-up because she drunkenly propositioned him. No woman, especially a super powered one, wants to be seen that needy and pathetic by anyone, especially by her ex-boyfriend and his new wife. Mrs. O, time to open up and air out the Dog House. Paul will be moving in really soon.

  5. Be warned there are about 4,500 episodes of Eastenders, which is only about 9,000 episodes too many.

  6. And me recently unemployed… What to do, what to do?

  7. Vergie hit the nail on the head.

  8. So she’s not (really) angry at Charlotte, but she might just KILL Paul!

  9. I’ve heard about EastEnders more than once. I’ve definitely wanted to get into it…and now I’ll have to do it on a schedule…for however many months it would take. (Heh.)

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