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  1. Watch, she gets there, and the bookstore is literally a smouldering husk. Somehow, though, Charlotte is not to blame for the place burning down.

    And after writing that, I realised that some people may have already seen the next few pages.

  2. … you can burn goldfish..?

  3. I think it was an actual fish that Charlotte was supposed to take care of while Abby was away.

  4. So, where is Monday’s page?

  5. …Is anything wrong?

  6. Sorry. I work ahead and missed my note to upload new files. I just put up the next month’s worth, so we’re good for a while.

  7. That would make for some excellent and ironic foreshadowing, come to think of it. Clicking on…

  8. NO! Not Mr. Goldfish!

  9. Of course you can burn goldfish, it is quite easy in fact if you are deliberately trying. Same as burning any other kind of fish. Now, burning a goldfish by accident, that would be less likely; but I suspect Mr. Goldfish was not burned when Abby went to summer camp. Some other disaster came up.

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