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  1. You posted this twice.

  2. YAY, superman reference! (Although I did find that particular ability – making time go back by flying around the world so fast it turned the other way around – always super silly. I mean, duh, just because the globe is spinning the other way now, doesn’t mean that time gets reversed!)

  3. Aren’t time and motion relative, tho’…? (Heh.) Actually, I always wondered how he changed anything just by speeding up his orbit. Doesn’t seem to make much sense. Meh.

  4. Technically, time travel is possible (in a theoretical physics point of view) if you travel fast enough. I just choose to assume theatrical license on Superman’s part. Plus, while he is going backward in time, the Earth would appear, from the point of view of his timestream, to be rotating the wrong direction. Once again, movies and comic books teach us physics that is years beyond what those CERN people understand.

  5. Agreed, Chewdup. In the movie I think it wasn’t really him turning back time so much as traveling back in time.

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