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  1. Jealousy seems totally out of Character for Zoe. Normally I just atribute Jealousy to a lack of confidence in one self – it’s a self-worth issue, not a love issue. If you ever fell that way, it isbest solved by reminding (by showing) ones partner of all the positive sides of the relationship. Though it could be that Zoe feels this developing into something very serious and isn’t certain Paul feels the same.
    Or she could have a personal problem with percieved dishonesty after the whole “Fake Mark” affair.

  2. I’d disagree with you, Christopher — sure, Zoe is a paragon of self-confidence to millions in this strip, but she still has her weak spots. Not having ordered (yet — but it’s on the list), I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a bit of development here in the relationship over the next few strips.

    I am just loving the interaction between the characters throughout all of Love and Capes, BTW. This is what makes it such a fun strip to read.

  3. Zoe’s jealousy here actually makes sense. The Crusader (her boyfriend) left her and then married “an ordinary woman” ,who to make matters worse is Charlotte’s sister. Now Zoe is scared of losing her boyfriend again.

    But while Charlotte might be able to function in Darkblade’s world, she didn’t think she couldy function in Paul’s, which was part of the reason for their decision to just be friends.

  4. Ahh, poor Paul. Hasn’t learned yet that sometimes in a relationship there is no right answer.

  5. ‘Sometimes’, Rens? You mean there are times when there IS a right answer?

  6. Paul is sometimes too clever for his own good…

  7. Paul is being frank and logical with Zoe. That Zoe is apparently insecure…after all, Charlotte is what Zoe isn’t: a normal human being. Just like Paul, and just unlike her.

    Besides, hasn’t anybody noticed the dialogue in the last panel? Here’s a woman bigger and stronger than her boyfriend making what, if their positions and sizes and strengths were reversed, would sound a lot like a prelude to spousal abuse.

    It doesn’t just happen in “Norbit;” men can be victims, too.

  8. Onto a less touchy subject: has a voice cast for an animated “Love and Capes” ever been discussed? Phil La Marr or Phil Morris would be perfect as Darkblade; for Mark’s dad, Brian Doyle-Murray. It’s probably the chin thing, but the first voice I think of for the Crusader is the go-to-guy for superheroic parts, Patrick Warburton,,,but does he HAVE to be? Something to discuss…

  9. k.alan mcdougall: There’s a bit of role reversal going on here, and there are certain expectations that we view characters through. A toddler kicking a CEO could be funny; a CEO kicking a toddler would not be funny. And that’s still going to apply even if the toddler could chuck the CEO the length of a football field.

  10. Oarboar: not disagreeing with you. The diffference here, however, is they’re both adults. And misandry is just as real, and as dangerous, as misogyny.

  11. @k.alan mcdougall
    however, not nearly as widespread (and therefore funnier I guess?)

    “Nothing more than the combination of the wedding and alcohol”
    REALLY PAUL?!?!? You do realize that that is EXACTLY what got the two of you started at the EXACT same time? Basically what (Zoe will think) you’re saying is you flipped a coin to decide between the two of them. BAD choice of words!

  12. Given what little we (well, I) know about Zoe’s life in Leandia prior to her coming to Earth, is it safe to assume that she has a weird inferiority/superiority complex(I hate referencing reality shows, but I’m gathering that, while Zoe has the looks and build of a Kim Kardashian, she was made to feel more like a Khloe)?

  13. Of *course* she has jealousy issues, look at her mom and lack of affirmation. That’s *got* to cause lingering issues, including self confidence ones. Any perceived self confidence is just a front for the norms.

  14. DUH, such an offer to anyone is nothing any person is going to be proud of (except maybe Barney Stinson types, and even he’d be more into receiving them. ^^), so OF COURSE Paul isn’t waltzing about telling people.

    You wouldn’t want Paul to tell people about how exactly you two hooked up at the wedding, or at least not WHY, now would you, Amazonia?

  15. Wait, she hasn’t slapped him across the room yet… oh, because of the security cameras. (I forgot.) 😀

  16. Jealousy is actually a huge part of Amazonia’s character. She’s been jealous of others – especially her sisters – in her homeland, where she’s just another pretty face; she came to Earth to be a celebrity and stand out. She was jealous of Abby for landing Mark, even though she was “ordinary” by comparison, which is why she had been so catty toward her. Whether it’s toward her public, toward Abby, or anyone else, Amazonia puts on a show to mask her fears about her own self-worth.

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