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  1. How touching.

    in a horribly sickening sweet kind of way.
    As said by a determined single person. 😉

  2. Marvel comics has a reputation of making their supers relatable by making them flawed. You, Mr. Zahler do far better by making them human! Their angst is our angst. They have the same sorrow when they lose a close friend. They are scared and excited when becoming new parents. They have insecurities but embrace their strengths. I LIKE these folks! I only wish you had the time to publish a more – say 20 pages a day…. Yeah – right – I guess you’d have to have the same ability at drawing comics that Mark/the Crusader has with taxes – able to do them at superspeed. *Sigh* Well – thanks anyway for doing a wonderful comic and I forgive you for being mortal like the rest of us. 🙂

  3. Love and Capes: ALL THE FEELS! 😀

  4. The ability to accept your own powerlessness in certain situations. It must be especially frightening for supers who have power in areas where others have not.

    And so far this pregnancy is going better then the Skywalker familiy.

  5. This is one of the reasons why DC’s decision to make Superman and Lois Lane’s marriage “unhappen” was a terrible idea. He might be the Man of Steel, but she was his Woman of Iron.

    Also, the whole Christopher thing was terribly mishandled. It could have been a wonderful endorsement of adoption (as was, earlier, Perry & Alice White’s adoption of Keith)…and who could imagine a better fantasy father figure than Clark/Kal? Or, as it was quickly shown, a stronger, fiercer mother?

    Joanna: please be careful to not set yourself up with straight lines.

  6. By stronger, fiercer mother I meant LOIS. Sheesh.

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