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  1. I like how the last panel conflates superheroes rushing off to action with the boyfriend-girlfriend dispute. Again, it’s one of the reasons why this strip is so awesome.

  2. Well, this is certainly a cliffhanger. I guess Paul isn’t enjoying hanging out? He’s hanging by a thread… I ought to be hung for these.

    Hang loose, everyone!

  3. he may be right 😉

  4. This always made me wonder – how do flying superheroes carry non-flying ones? Wouldn’t the speed (in this case) cause dislocation of his shoulder?

  5. I always wondered how would a flying superheroine carry her boyfriend. I mean like that romantic image on the main page of Crusader carrying Abby in his arms. Titania carrying Mark like may appear strange.

  6. Paul’s shoulder will probably avoid dislocation the same way Lois Lane didn’t splatter when Superman caught her in the first Reeve movie (My theory? Flying heroes generate a kind of inertial damping field that extends to their “passengers”).

    Zoe’s anger is really based on her insecurities: early on in the series we learned that she was the youngest in a large family on a world where she’s not really all that special. Then she finds herself on Earth, and suddenly she’s gone from Elly Wood Walker to Lynda Carter…and her romantic interests are/have been involved with the type of woman she perceived herself to be back home.

    (To the latecomers: Elly Wood Walker was the first actress to play Wonder Woman in a very bad pilot from 1967 that is…guess what!…available on YouTube. How bad was it? Imagine a blend of “Captain Nice” and “That Girl” without the respective brilliance and charm. On the plus side, the young woman who played Wonder Woman’s fantasy mirror image, Linda Harrison, soonafter played Nova in the original “Planet of the Apes” and, later, Wilford Brimley’s daughter in “Cocoon”)

    Question about the Evil Brain: Luthor or Ultra-Humanite? I still remember a scene from “Savage Dragon” in which Hitler’s disembodied brain is somehow holding a gun on the Dragon and my first thought was: “It’s Hitler’s brain…AND HE”S PACKING HEAT!”)

  7. I’m thinking not Luthor. Earlier comics indicated he/she/it somehow possessed people, I remember a male version talking to a past female version of himself, but not sure if the possession was part of the time travel thing or not. There was discussion something to the effect of “You got a nice body, and I got stuck with this one.” if I’m remembering right.

  8. Just trying to get something straight in my mind. Zoe and PAUL are dating, right? And they’ve been public about it (attending the basketball game together). So, she better not say or do anything with Darkblade around Evil Brain or Paul’s secret identity might be up.

  9. Luthor is the regular bald guy; Ultra-Humanite was originally a wheelchair bound (think Professor X but seriously evil) bald guy who went for brain transplants, the first being a female movie star and ultimately a giant albino gorilla. It’s only been mentioned on some of the Wold Newton sites, but Ultra was probably the original Superman (the villainous protagonist of Seigel and Shuster’s fanfic “Reign of the Superman”).

    I doubt Zoe would make the error of referring to Paul by name in battle, although Evil Brain may assume from her attitude that she’s stepping out on her boyfriend with Darkblade. By the way, “Evil Brain?” Please tell me that that’s just what his opponents refer to him as, and that he has a real name they just don’t bother to use anymore.

    And as for my “voice actor casting” for L&C: Olivia “I wanna play Wonder Woman but probably won’t get to” Munn as Zoe.

  10. Or Eliza Dushku. I’m easy (but not cheap).

  11. She can carry him safely…BECAUSE MAGIC (or something not very dissimilar).

  12. A bit of karma here? Looks like Zoe is going through the same types of jealousy issues Abby did after the former came out with her tell-all book.

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