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  1. I think she still has that problem where she doesn’t truly get why Paul would have a secret identity, and thinks he should just live as Darkblade.

  2. I don’t think she has as much of a problem over Paul’s double-identity as she did with Mark’s. She’s grown up a bit. I do think this is going to challenge her, though, the challenge of trying to accept that Paul can be friends with another woman without wanting to date that woman.

    This is a double-standard of gender relationships that has far too many myths about it, the myth that “men and women can’t be just friends” that “there’s always going to be Ess Ee Ecks getting in the way.” Oh, and the whole, “We used to date but now we don’t” automagically equalling “We HAVE to hate each other or we’ll fall into bed (or whatever) all over again!!1!”

    Funny thing, though: these are Just Myths. Men and women are Just Friends all the time. People who are mature are quite capable of ending a relationship (whether it’s one that is a decade or two old, or one that barely even got started) while still being friends, or becoming friends afterward. Sex does not always cloud a friendship forever-and-ever-and-ever, even when it was briefly a part of that friendship. And most adults do have plenty of self-control; we will not “fall into bed” with an ex, and we do not HAVE to hate them in order to “resist temptation.”

    Amazonia does have a few issues with trust and jealousy, yes, but I do think she’ll get past them. She is smart. She might cloud her good judgment when envious, such as she did when Abby started dating Mark…but that experience did show her she was not being smart about those two. Once she gets past the emotional upheaval she’s just gone through, I think Amazonia will calm down, realize Paul and Charlotte are right about them simply being friends, and things will go on.

    …Mind you, it’s fun as a reader, watching her twist and squirm on the sharp hook of envy…but I think she’ll eventually wriggle off the hook.

  3. NoRAd: the whole “why live with a secret identity?” thing does not apply, I think. In Mark, Zoe saw another superhuman pretending to be a normal person. Paul is a normal person pushing himself to be as close to superhuman as possible. He IS Darkblade all the time, he just takes a breather now and then in civvies.

    One of the storyarcs in this series has been Zoe’s growing up; we don’t know how old (yes, I’m sure she was legal) she was when she met Mark, but there’s a possibility that he was her first love…heck, she may have even been a virgin, albeit able to fake being more experienced due to her basic upbringing, “native costume” or listening to her many older sisters’ “war stories.”

  4. Amazonia is so strong willed, that it is nice to see Darkblade show some spine and directly stand up to her. He did not negotiate: he said “this is the way things are.”

  5. At the risk of sounding like either a complete dunderhead instead of just a guy who hasn’t been able to find too many back issues of the book, which character died in this book?

    If it’s Mermantis, then I really feel like a jerk.

  6. k.alan, I agree with your assessment of Zoe’s feelings about Paul’s secret ID.

    You can find Thom’s physical books for sale in his store, including stuff that hasn’t been published here yet.

    I don’t recognize the name Mermantis; if that’s a spoiler, you can really feel like a jerk..
    just kidding. If I was worried about spoilers I’d scrape together the cash to buy the physical books myself. 🙂

  7. k. alan.

    As far as we know, Mermantis is still alive.

    The most prominent character death hasn’t happened yet in the web postings. You can find it in one of the printed graphic novels.

    (rot13 spoiler) Jvaqfgne, arne gur raq bs obbx guerr

    Of course Mark died temporarily but Abby fixed that…

    (And we learn later that Doc Karma has practically made a habit of dying and coming back to life, although we haven’t actually seen any of his deaths.)

  8. Incidentally, Mermantis is the Love and Capes version of Aquaman. He’s been mentioned a couple of times but hasn’t been shown.

  9. Thanks for the support, guys. I suppose I couldn’t hit you up for a loan to find/pay for those back issues? Let’s just say my financial status is currently so low it could be described in a Johnny Carson monologue.

    Johnny Carson? The guy that preceded Leno who preceded Conan O’Brien and the SNL guy? Sheesh…

  10. Jimmy Fallon! (Nuts, I blank on one name…)

  11. Good for you, Paul! A relation ship partner shouldn’t tell you who to be friends with (or not).
    They are welcome to talk with you about it, give you some of their insight you might not have, advice, or they can even tell you they don’t like it (the friendship) or them (the friend in question). But that’s it.

  12. Gone fishin’
    By a shady, wady pool
    I’m wishin’
    I could be that kind of fool….

  13. Good for you, Paul. Stand your ground, and do not let someone important to you bully you into treating other people worse than they deserve.

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