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  1. What’s his handhold say? I get the idea, but I can’t read it…

  2. Hmmm, still thinking he could pull off both.

  3. Awkward situation, there’s an ap for that.

  4. Don’t know if it’s my eyes or the comic, but things have been looking a little fuzzy lately… Still can’t make out what it says on his handheld…

  5. Like Pashakitty said, the images in the archives just don’t seem quite as “sharp” as the version displayed on the main page.

  6. And now I see why. After clicking “View image info”:
    Dimensions: 649px × 507px (scaled to 638px × 498px)

    Those ninety-nine pixels make all the difference!

  7. It says REMOTE ACCESS: ALARM ON. It’s hard to read, admittedly, even in the print version.

  8. Somebody got it ON!

  9. They DO have an app for everything these days

  10. Heh, Darkblade, much like the hero that inspired him, RULES. 😀

  11. That might have been one of BlackBerry’s better moments.

  12. 😀
    I am very happy for them. Having a good time at the reception, indeed!

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