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  1. I wonder if they are betting on what I think they are betting on.

  2. Lemme guess. Jason loses out for ‘Employee of the Month’. Embittered, he turns to crime as ‘The Bookbinder’, stealing rare volumes and wrapping Crusader in paste-covered canvas.

    Yep. Gotta be it. Remember, I called it first! 🙂

  3. I’m gonna bet it’s whether or not the customer can afford it.

  4. Betting on if Mark stops by every day to check on her? And it’s getting close to closing time?

  5. Might not be Mark who helped her; perhaps a tip from Paul or even Zoe? The “super” assistant might even have been Jason or Charlotte (it could happen…probably wouldn’t, but it could).

    Might have been equally amusing if the book in question had been, say, a first edition of George Lowther’s novel “Superman.” Or maybe a BigLittle book…(I am a fanboy day and night–it’s sad, really)

  6. By Thomas Zahler? You did a King Arthur?

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