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  1. Poor Abby… 🙁

  2. Poor fifthteenth person 🙁

  3. I can’t believe more people haven’t commented on this whole story line. It’s brilliant. Everyone wants to be the hero. Its just that most people never stop to think where being the hero has to end and being human comes into play.

    Awesome stuff!

  4. Mark said it several times: “you can’t save everybody.”

  5. I dunno, I just tend to think of an edit I saw for some panels from Marvel’s Civil War storyline, where one of Captain America’s lines on the whole ‘Superhero Registration Act’ is “You think anyone with half a brain would volunteer for Spider-man’s life?” or something to that effect. I also think I remember seeing this in the 90’s Spiderman, Batman, and Superman cartoons, and the Very Special Episode of Static Shock. My point is that, while you’re right, plenty of people think super-powers would be awesome and most aren’t thinking about the people they can’t save . . . I don’t know a lot of my friends ask “What superhero would you be?” they asked “What super powers would you want?” And also most I think most writers, whether for comics or cartoons, know about this trope, and the good ones keep it in mind without letting it overwhelm.

  6. Blurgh. . . my grammar is Terrible in the above paragraph . . .

  7. Wow! – powerful! Awesome writing!

  8. Heart-breaking. But on the positive side, there would have been (at least) 14 more people dead if she hadn’t helped.

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