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  1. good guess. I see why he is considered the worlds greatest detective.

  2. Love the abrupt change in conversation. XD

  3. I’m not sure that it helps to call her past self a “petulant attention-seeking princess.” *She* may call herself that, but you’re not supposed to agree. 🙂

  4. “just a hunch”! LOL!

  5. So, besides having razz fashion designer. Darkblade have Common Sense and astute observational powers. Reminds me of that out-of-context panel when Batman was walking around with bullhorn and yelling: Has anyone seen Joker?

  6. The Evil Brain is hiding in a Pizza Planet?
    How fiendishly clever.

  7. Not an aww cute or a warm fuzzy scene, but a lovely moment nevertheless between two people who’ are finally becoming equals in terms of being grown-up. Paul’s maturation has mostly been off-panel (perhaps one day we can depict his time with the warrior monks as their “Kwai Chang Caine”), Zoe’s really began (very slowly) with issue #1 waybackwhen.

    Since I have no idea what Evil Brain looks like…he might simply BE a brain that is evil…perhaps what he’s hiding in at the Pizza Planet is a pizza box (thick stuffed crust). You’re welcome for the imagery.

    Walker: When did Batman do that with the bullhorn? Had the batmobile lost a wheel?

  8. You mean the missile that is even now following our flight path?
    You mean THAT missile?
    Oh, dear.

  9. The…showiness of Zoe’s costume leads one to wonder: what if some wisenheimer “nuisance villain” (I”m thinking Mxyzptlk-lite) caused her to have a “wardrobe malfunction?” How would Zoe take it(Clue: remember in “Doctor Who” about the attitudes of the Victorians to the fashions of Rose Tyler and her era? It’s all relative)?

    Getting back to the voice-casting game (c’mon, guys, it’s just for fun; feel free to join in…PLEASE!): either Katherine Heigl or (’cause I’m a fan) Amber Benson as Abby, and Olivia Wilde (warning to those who find out about her real maiden name: the “ck” is silent) as Charlotte.

  10. Walker: thanks for the assistance. As for the Lobe, let’s hope we never see him in a situation where he says, “And Mr. Peace?…Wegettabwee, I have made – boomboom.”

    If you don’t get the reference…never mind. But Lynda Carter was involved in it, so…(yes. I’m evil.)

  11. Right now I’m just SO proud of Amazonia, because she let that “petulant attention-seeking princess” slip by without so much as saying a word or drawing a face. I guess that shows just how much she’s evolved.

  12. Wait…I thought that missile was just, uh, decorative. Now that you mention it (shudder) yep, it is moving. (singing) Che ser – a, ser – aaa…

  13. Oh, Matt [in Middletown], that made me laugh! 🙂

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