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  1. I love Muttley.

  2. Betting on morning sickness? What does Abby want them to do…start betting on the horses? 😉

  3. It would be unethical to give her a cut!

  4. I believe the correct Pogo quote is “Razzafrazza”. No, wait; I’m thinking of “Bazz fazz” and “Rowrbazzle”. “Razzafrazza” is, what, Flintstones?

    NN1: I thought that at first, but since her barfulation really isn’t under her control, she can’t skew the results; so she might as well get something out of it.

  5. If this makes her mad, just wait till the baby pool starts going around for her delivery date and the weight of the baby. Good odds the words greatest detective can nail both.

  6. Good odds the words greatest detective can nail both.

    People that fly? Sure. Magic? No problem. Someone who can predict delivery date and baby weight? Nope, sorry, can’t believe that one.

    Oh, and since I’m commenting anyway, it’s “world’s”.

  7. Wait, NN1, why would it be unethical to give Abby a cut of the betting money? Oh, you mean if only Charlotte did! I assumed the intent was that no matter who won, Abby would get a cut.

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