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  1. And he had better continue to have no idea what she’s talking about, if he knows what’s good for him.

    As I think about it, the real problem with his powers would be knowing exactly what all the girls say to each other when they think no guys are hearing.

  2. *chuckles* I like the “magnetic resonance vision” substitute for the x-rays. VERY nice.

    And yes, I agree with Catapult- that would really suck.

  3. The 4th panel is missing the speech bubble that says:
    By the way, Honey, I absolutely love that new lingerie set your wearing tonight.

  4. I’d imagine it helped for five minutes, before he discovered that:

    1) He didn’t know how to turn it off!


    2) Most people aren’t built like Iman Abdulmajid.

  5. What’s the over/under on how long before he has to do Crusader stuff?

  6. Third panel, next strip.
    Right about when she has to intriduce her husband.

  7. He’s staring at her with it in the last panel – and she knows it. 😛

  8. Ah, the high school reunion. An experience not to be repeated.

    You know, you’d think by now Abby would have consulted with the other League members about how to block Mark’s MRV…

  9. Now… The burning question… When do we actually get to see Abby in her old school uniform?

    Fan service! I DEMAND FAN SERVICE! lol

  10. yeah, i remember when Paul wrapped a present in some kind of fancy paper that blocked his MRV…when Mark asked, “what’s this wrapped in?” Paul remarked, “good to know it WORKS.”

  11. I remember the “Smallville” episode where Clark’s x-ray vision suddenly activates while he’s facing the wall behind which is the girl’s locker room. I can imagine Mark mentioning this to his folks and their advising “avert your eyes, boy!” “But then I’d be looking at the GUYS!”

  12. I am sorry, but I really do not think being able to see my female high school classmates in less clothing would have helped me to obsess about sex LESS. The rush of hormones combined with a lack of appropriate outlet was maddening as it was. I am so glad I never have to go back to that, again.

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