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  1. Five minutes after a death trauma? Not a time to be making a decision like that, one way or the other. Police officers are put on mandatory leave after a death for precisely this reason.

    Yes, she lost one. But if she had never had those powers, it would have been FIFTEEN people who died. Her powers have been a net good for the whole human race; if she gives them up, that’s thousands or even millions of people over the course of her life who MIGHT have been saved….

    worse, from now on, every time she’s witness to a robbery or an accident or a natural disaster, she’s going to be aware: “If I still had my powers, I could have stopped this….”

  2. What RHJunior said, except OF COURSE this won’t be happening, that would be a tad too dark. ):

  3. Ah, but there’s a important factor that’s being missed. Her ability to match his powers comes from her love for him, her heart. As such, it’s a decision made with her heart and without mind control or certain drugs, there -is- no leave time from your heart.

  4. RH – Not necessarily, any more than ordinary people see something awful on a news and think to themselves ‘If only I were a firefighter/police officer/paramedic, I could help!’. Many many people don’t want and can’t handle the pressure of being a hero. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Remember, she wanted super powers not because she had a burning desire to save people, but so that she could understand Mark better.

  5. And… they’re gone. She doesn’t want them anymore.

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