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  1. This is one Monday that doesn’t suck – all-new Love and Capes! Huzzah!

  2. Mark! NO. STUNTS. It’s not complicated. Get to the end of a good day. Tell her what she means to you. Open the box. Ask the question. No witnesses.

  3. Heh. I like the way you’re suggesting, making me pretty sure that there is a Misses Teatime.

  4. I remember how I proposed to my wife:
    Me: “Well, now that they’ve fired me, health insurance premiums are going to be through the roof.”
    Her: “I’m sorry.”
    Me: “Yeah, and I don’t have much in savings, so I can’t really pay for it.”
    Her: “Yeah, that sucks.”
    Me: “So… I’ve been thinking about it, and… some people get health insurance through their… spouses.”
    Her: “Okay.”
    Me: “So… I was thinking we could… do that.”
    Her: “Oh.”
    Me: “Yeah.”

    Well, at least it worked! She said “yes”! Well, actually she said “okay”, but my point stands! 😉

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