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  1. “It’s probably best if you think of it as my secret identity.”

    Best superhero’s-spouse comment ever.


  2. I’m amazed 🙂 you keep coming up with this wonderful humor. love the comic.

  3. Stealing milk crates and smoking in highschool! She’s a delinquent~! Who would ever thought that? ?
    I super ? Abby even more now and I look forward to pictures of her as a teenager.

  4. She didn’t broke principal’s nose when she was a bit drunk, did she?
    Or burned down their biology class, trying to lit a cigarette from electric manta ray? XD

  5. He’s going to have to turn her in to the authorities D:

  6. Hey, at least her high school life was interesting, and not in the Chinese-curse sense. Which mine often felt like…

  7. Stealing Milkk crates!
    She’s a supervillain!

  8. I’m sure Abby had A VERY GOOD REASON for stealing the milk crates. (She did, didn’t she?)

  9. Puh-lease. I have friends who stole milk crates, so not a big deal. These are friends who wouldn’t shoplift a candy bar if I was around, ’cause they knew I’d nag ’em into paying for it, but they stole milk crates.

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