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  1. You now, I kind of wonder if the Evil Brain is planning his bid for world domination at the sight of Abby’s class reunion.

  2. Er…shouldn’t that be “shirts” and “skins?” You’re not talking about teams in gym class. Oh-h-h…

  3. I”M the only one to comment on this so far? Wha’ hoppen?

    I had a really good Darkblade joke that I was going to share, but if you guys don’t want to read it, well…;)

  4. Also, I bet that is Miss Decker (or the former Miss Decker) in the first panel (from the next comic).

  5. Sorry, Doug. Some sort of computer malarkey led to my thinking that, up to Who, me?, I was the only one commenting on that installment.

    ****ing contraptions…

  6. Mark: “I thought you said you already told me about all your exes!”
    Abby: “No, no, no, these guys aren’t exes; we never dated at all! We just hooked up a few times, that’s it!”

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