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  1. … Charlotte may not have thought this through.

    Even if Mark decides to humor her, she’s still going to have to come up with a good explanation how she managed to move a metric ton of books across the atlantic and not pay customs duties…

  2. Ahhh… The sister-in-law..

  3. Yeah… not only is this going to cut into his heroic duties the accounting nightmare ALONE… yikes.

  4. Rens, the explanation is that the Crusader flew them there. Why did do it? Good deed, who cares.

  5. Actually, He may have to refuse. Avoiding customs in most countries is illegal. Unless he drops them at a shipping site? Either way, way too casual request for someone eho saves lives!

  6. Aaron, the french government might care a great deal if the Crusader starts moving clearly for-profit goods across national borders and avoids customs duties to do so.

    There’s an official word for that: Smuggling.

    And no, it’s not a “good deed”. A “good deed” would be moving them as part of a charity auction or moving desperately needed supplies into a starving country. This is quite blatantly helping a random stranger (and how exactly does she plan to explain how she knows the Crusader well enough to ask this kind of favor?) to make a quick profit by avoiding shipping costs. Big difference.

  7. (On catch up.)

    Over reacting people it was the Shipping not the duty costs she was trying to avoid.

    Crusader just drops the crate off at the receiving dock at Charles de Gaulle airport.

  8. Just read through this discussion again when it occurred to me: They’re *books*. There are no customs.

  9. Maybe Charlotte should have run her great plan by Mark BEFORE accepting all those orders…

  10. …Aaand did you run those customs-and-shipping-related questions past qualified legal counsel? Well, didja? …I’m just sayin’. Always get an attorney. 😀 (Heh. These remarks were for recreational purposes only. They were not intended to be legal advice of any kind, nor should any such inference be made. There ya go.)

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