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  1. Ah, Quincy. Retired sports star, sports reporter, “mememe” machine and now…testing out a supervillain costume? C’mon, it’d give Mark a perfect opportunity to…you know, and it’s not like Oswald Cobblepot is the only penguin-inspired character in comics. Back in the Golden Age, up in Canada, we had a masked crimefighter callled…The Penguin. Yes, really.

    A few strips ago, I brought up the idea of a “nuisance villain” causing Zoe to have a “wardrobe malfunction.” Remember how I said “everything’s relative?” What I meant was that the malfunction would be of something we’d consider innocuous, like her bracelet-thingies or her footwear. Admittedly she does play on OUR ideas of “proper clothing,” but it might be an eye-opener for Abby to realize that Zoe, by her cultural standards, DOES have limits to how much is seen. We’ve seen them grow from enemies to frenemies to friends (has there ever been a scene where they suddenly and to their “horror” realize that?); now’s the time for them to start to really understand one another. Perhaps Zoe might experiment with (and surprise herself by thriving in it) a secret identity…

    OK, a couple of strips back I mentioned I had a Darkblade joke. Wellllll, not directly Darkblade. On the assumption that, unlike Paul, Mr. LaCroix Sr. is REALLY rich (however rich you need to be to consider upwards of $5 billion as “pin money”?), and has counterparts throughout the omniverse, would that make him a…Croesus on Infinite Earths?

    *RIMSHOT* Thank you! You’re a wonderful audience! Try the veal!

    (SOUND EFFECTS: Superspeed running away followed by fanpersons carrying torches and pitchforks)

    P.S. If you ever have Paul discuss his childhood with, say, Charlotte, have that confidant imagine Paul dressed like Richie Rich, and depicting his dad as having the “swimming powers” (AND wearing pants) of Scrooge McDuck…

    I know, I know, I’m a terrible, silly person.

  2. For some reason, I seem to be the only person commenting on this stuff lately…

    A good part of why I tried to introduce the “voice casting” game re: the LNC cast is that there was already a live-action “Superman-like-hero-marries-normal-girl” sitcom. It was called “My Hero,” and combined elements of “Mork and Mindy” and a science-fantasy-y “Bewitched.” It ran for a respectable 6 seasons, dying in the 6th because the original lead was replaced in a Doctor Who regeneration thingie that did not go over well with the fans. Ironic; the 6th season began not long after the revived Who’s 1st…

    Oddly, it was a BBC show…

  3. You mean like Lois and Clark K.alan?

  4. I know than L&C was an influence on LNC, but…too much of its promise turned up too little, too late and, sadly, too silly. Not ’60s Batman silly, but still(this is not to say I have anything but love for the actors; while underwhelming as Superman, Dean Cain was a superlative Clark Kent, as Teri Hatcher was a terrific “modern” Lois Lane…the rest of the cast were darn good as well). With Love and Capes there is a great deal more respect for the characters and their source material, comedy without getting into campiness…ish. I just think that LNC would be better served in animation with as much input from Mr. Zahler as possible. I hope that made an iota of sense, BloodPlum (Bloodplum??).

    Oh, and for some vintage Superman-y goodness: go to YouTube and type in Superman Day New York World’s Fair 1939. It not only features home-movie footage of Jerry and Joanne Seigel as well as (a hat-wearing) Joe Shuster, but then-DC honchos Jack Leibowitz and Harry Donenfeld. Oh, and Ray Middleton, the very first actor to play Superman (can you tell me which superhero actor he co-starred with in the movie “1776”–?).

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