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  1. Duck and Goose is a series of books for preschoolers,
    but I don’t think they’ve done the movies.
    Are they reviewers or only go for the popcorn?

  2. Olivia, just be glad that she doesn’t come with a water pistol like boys.

  3. She sounds like a supervillain,they should send Mark to babysit her.

  4. My mother used to say: “Children are wonderfull. They are just missing the off-switch.”

  5. Evil Brain, by the first panel, I propose she’s previously propagated a PAIR of pistol packers.

  6. @Mujaki: I was wondering about that. I originally read that as “baby sitter”.

  7. And if Doc Karma’s spell falters, imagine the horror that follows…plus, this is one of those times when bottlefeeding might be the best option(what could happen? If it IS a boy, he might simply turn into Jim Balent). That, or call for Super-WetNurse (SCTV reference)…

  8. reminds me of a silly story i read about someone who worked at a superhero hospital:”now i’ve got 50 identical babies, ALL with dirty diapers! that does it, i’m demanding a transfer!”
    (the baby duplicated himself)

  9. If the kid was llike Jamie Madrox, the duplicates may not be permanent. Or their poop.

    Superhero mythology is getting too damn rich…

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