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  1. It’s great to have confirmation.

  2. I’m not sure if he’s telling the truth, or lying to save himself from a bad situation…

  3. That’s not a sonic screwdriver in the background of the first panel, is it? It’s probably just wishful thinking.

  4. One of the rare times when your wife will ASK you to check out another woman’s bust.
    Make the most of it.

  5. Mark’s gesture in panel 3 reminds me of something that kept bugging me in “Lois & Clark.” This guy can see through anything.

    Except lead.

    And apparently, his own glasses.

  6. The lowering glasses thing is likely visual short hand for ‘I’m using my power’. Its more obvious that just having his eyes glow.

  7. Maybe his glasses were lead lined so he would not accidently peek on women in Civil Identitiy?

    But as with “bouncing off the bullet, while having to dodge the thrown gun” this was propably mostly a matter of special effect costs. it was easier (and thus cheaper) to make the scanvision without the glasses in the way.

  8. In at least some of the comics, Superman’s heat vision was actually his x-ray vision on high, so using his x-ray vision could still melt his glasses.

  9. Not to mention the glasses might interfere/mess with the precision of his scan vision, just like longsighted people or those with reading glasses will take off their glasses to actually see better.

  10. That’s funny, using her husband’s superpowers to settle an old teenage insecurity rivalry.

    But Mark could still be in trouble even though Abby asked him to do it. You know how sometimes one character will ask another to hit them – to test their invulnerability – and after the punch says, “You didn’t even hesitate.” (I’m thinking of that great scene when Rodney McKay had the personal shield in Stargate Atlantis.) Even though Abby asked him to check out the other woman’s ‘assets’ (Mark is an accountant, right?), she might still be upset at him. “You didn’t even hesitate!”

  11. I wonder what her reaction be if they were real or if one were real and the other fake? Then again what if Debbie had them reduced in size.

  12. MR vision and boobies. Yeah, that’s the way to get comments on a strip.

    I’m actually a little offput by this installment. Abby’s asking Mark to violate Ms. Decker’s privacy, and the fact that, apparently, her parents let her have an enormous boob job in her teens (rhinoplasty I can understand, but this?). How’s this for a twist? What if “Double D” was actually transgendered, and the implants were part of her transition? (Sorry; I was reading about PFC Manning’s desire to become “Chelsea” in the paper this morning) Alternately, what if her topheaviness was real in her teens, and for some reason (perhaps the same preventative one a certain Ms. Jolie had) she had to replace/reconstruct lost tissue?

    What can I say? Abby and Mark are, in this instance, sort of the “bad guys” this time.

  13. Oh, and the other superhero actor in 1776 (see last installment)? William Daniels (John Adams), who was not only one of the stars of “St. Elsewhere” and the original voice of KITT on “Knight Rider,” but played Captain Nice in the sadly short-lived sitcom from 1967.

    Next question: there was another superhero sitcom from about the same time, “Mr. Terrific” (no relation whatsoever to the DC character). What member of the “horsey set” played Mr. Terrific in the original pilot?

  14. I think Marks face in panel 4 looks a bit odd, like he’s lying – or guessing.

  15. Yep, I’m taking up more space in the comments section, but have you heard about Ben Affleck’s part in what I’m going to call the “World’s Finest” movie (if it were Worlds’ Finest, I’d definitely shell out more to see the 3D version…again, I’m a bad, bad man); want to bet that when LNC starts up again that we’ll be seeing fanboys Mark and Paul discussing it?

    (I once saw Brandon Routh and Christian Bale at an MTV Awards show; at least with Affleck, Clark and Bruce will be able to see (literally) eye-to-eye.

  16. Actually in “Lois and Clark” they actually explain that the glasses are leaded, thus negating the visual powers without him doing just what he does in that panel. I’m not sure if the explanation is similar for Mark though.

  17. Athenebelle, when did they explain that? I totally don’t remember that episode. And L&C is one of my favorite shows…

  18. And I recind my commment. I just went through the episode scripts (they can be found online at http://www.lcficmbs.com/scripts/) that I thought I remembered it being mentioned and couldn’t find it. I know it was the fanon explanation but it seems that it was never commented on as far as the actual scripts go.

    It’s one of my favorites too (I wouldn’t be writing fanfic in that version if it wasn’t) but I’m guessing it’s just a fan explainaway (either that or it came from the comics somehow.)

  19. k.alan mcdougall – Captain Nice was played by the voice of Underdog. Wally Cox.

  20. Athenebelle, I think you’re thinking Kryptonian glass in glasses. In his rebelous youth Superman had some trouble with heat vision. Glasses were used to prevent him from setting things on fire by accident.
    I think. Also i didn’t liked how they handled baby episode. Here is a crib, care for it’s contents? Really?
    (Galactically stupid woman he he)

    Also on “Peeking over glasses” thing. It’s used for very clear and obvious reason. How else will you show that Mark is using his MR-vision, without clogging the picture with nifty colored lights? XD And as i understand Mark probably can see through lead.

    K.Alan i think Affleck won’t make a good Batman. =_= I don’t think he will manage a good Bruce Wayne either. I wish Keaton could play Batman again XD But that would like Dark Knight Returns or something.

  21. I don’t reply to a lot of these comments because I know so much about what comes ahead and I don’t want to ruin it for people who are reading as they post. But, this is particularly interesting.

    As an artist, yes, the “peek over the glasses” is a visual shorthand and gives nice business for the character to do. But, I think we need a better answer than that. And here it is:

    Mark is good at keeping his secret. Really good. He’s the kind of guy who would keep band-aids in the closet when he knows he can’t be cut, just so he looks normal. (And yes, he read the same Superman story I did.) So, he’s become accustomed to treating his glasses as if they’re real glasses. So, he’d move them when he needed a good look at things, kind of like how people wearing sunglasses will peek over the edge even though it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. That kind of attention to detail is why he’s been able to keep his dual identity so well.

    How does that sound?

  22. Steve H: The “Captain Nice” pilot is avaliable, last time I checked, on YouTube. William Daniels indeed played Captain Nice there and in the series; Wally Cox had a different series in the ’60’s, “Mr. Peepers” (he played a high school teacher).

    Thom: It sounds good; after all, we know Mark is kind of a fanboy at heart (begs the question: in the LNC universe, what sort of superhero comics and TV shows do they have? We have a good idea about the movies…)

  23. @who, me…no, I don’t think that’s a sonic screwdriver. I think that’s a reference to Gross Pointe Blank, a “90’s reunion movie” as mentioned previously, starring John Cusack. If you haven’t seen it, go rent it. You’ll see why I make that connection…though of course, only the Fearless Author knows for sure.

  24. Yes, it’s a Gross Pointe Blank reference.

  25. Pretty sure it’s illegal to get that sort of surgery while still a minor. I’m leaning towards Mark telling his wife a little white lie to cheer her up!

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