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  1. predictable jokes are predictable.

  2. Subtle, mom, subtle.

  3. LOL! Subtle, but very pointed!

  4. … and not exactly going to get the daughter too upset, after all.

  5. Well, she (the mother) can always hope and be prepared. ^^

  6. Meanwhile…no telling how long it’ll be before that preparation comes into use. Yup, patience certainly is a virtue.

  7. Abby shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. After all, her mother does have another daughter.

  8. Sounds like Chinese parents. When the daughter gets close to 25 and she is still single, it’s… “When are you going to get married and give me a grandchild (hopefully a boy)?”

    “If you are having trouble finding a man, I have the friend of a friend, who knows a friend, who has someone working for her, who has a friend, who has a son the same age as you. I can get you fixed up on a blind date.”

    “If you don’t like him, I have other friends of friends, who has friends that also have sons.”

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