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  1. ok, i’m going to loose geek points here, but who is the Golden Torch based on?

  2. Panel 2: second text box says “sentimental about out mementos”, should be “sentimental about our momentos”

  3. Golden Torch was loosely based on Green Lantern, but the character is also a bit of a Captain America type, too. We haven’t seen too much of her, but we will probably seeing more of her in the forthcoming 2012 miniseries.

  4. Before I found out about Golden Torch’s gender I thought that the Yellow Flashlight ended up changing his name and became Golden Torch.

  5. “Memento” is the correct spelling of the word, actually.

  6. Seconding Lady’s correction of the over-correction! “Memento” is the correct spelling, as odd as it looks when you stare at it for a while. 😉

  7. Eeeeeee! I spy a Bucky Barnes analogue in panel 2!

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