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  1. Were it not for accountants like Mark, surgeons like Greg wouldn’t have the accomplishments to brag about…

  2. And that’s not even considering the exploits of The Crusader…

  3. The true measure of a superhero’s spouse: Can they stay silent in a situation like this.

  4. Also, he’s the accountant of several superheroes… meaning that the folks saving the city all the time go to him when they’re in real trouble! We’ve already seen him help Zoe, and Windstar mentioned Mark helping him with the IRS…

  5. Ah, yes, the “friend” who got a great catch and isn’t above telling everyone about it.

    Also: the answer to my last question is: Alan Young (the star of “Mr. Ed” and the voice of Uncle $crooge on “Ducktales”).

  6. So, do people actually shake hands left handed?

  7. For some reason my comment was erased re: Roborat’s question. They do if they’re left-handed, one is ambidextrous or (and I just remembered this one) belong to (not necessarily the same chapter of) a lodge.

  8. Mr. Zahler has also commented previously that he drew it like that because he referenced it with his left hand while drawing with his right. Apparently, he didn’t realize it was odd at first, but at some point, he did, and started drawing people shaking right handedly. We’re not to that point in the online releases yet.

  9. Mark may have been carrying his drink in his right hand at that moment and offered to shake with his left instead.

  10. Also, if it hadn’t been for Mark’s accounting skills Abby would’ve lost her business at least twice IIRC…

  11. left-handed handshake. if the person offers their left hand to be shaken, instead of their right, it’s etiquette to shake their hand with your left, as it will make them more comfortable. However, you could, if you wished, shake their left hand with your right to put them ‘off their game’ and gain a slight advantage mentally for a later time, especially if you’re actually left-handed, and know you’ll be dueling them later.

  12. About this scene: I’m surprised that no one has “confided” to Abby that their spouse is secretly a superhero (when you think about it, if Abby did it, it might be seen as a desperate attempt at one-upspersonship).

    I still haven’t given up on the voice casting discussion idea with you guys, so here’s an OTT attempt at channelling my inner Andrea Romano (shut up): as Mrs. O’Lonergan: Meryl Streep.

  13. Does anyone else think Mark’s desire to see the picture of Abby in her school uniform in the yearbook might backfire on him? (“But Mark, we only did it to distract the other school’s team!”-once again, I’m a bad, bad man, referencing what I believe was an early Uma Thurman movie…)

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