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  1. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally read the archives and caught up to present day. Love the story, art, characters, pacing, everything. Keep up the good work, this is definitely headed for my rss reader!

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking Paul “met” both of them with the help of the Evil Brain’s time machine, and may be continuing to use it to do the whole two girlfriends at the same time thing.

  3. Wow, that could be dangerous on SO many levels.

  4. I already know what it is from accidentally seeing a spoiler.

  5. In the words of Bill Ingvall “Evil Knievel couldn’t have made that leap.”

  6. Abby shouldn’t be so quick to jump to Conclusions.

  7. Hmm, did we ever learn what was on Paul’s note that he gave Mark at the wedding?

  8. The note told him to meet Paul and use the time machine.

    Also, I suspect that Charlotte hooked up with somebody else. Paul is way too smart to try to date two girls like Zoe and Charlotte at the same time.

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